wet4u, looking for a hookup in Windsor, CT

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I'm size 8-10, long light brown hair, pretty and simply aching for a tall good looking white man. I want you to kneel before you and slowly, delicately slide my smooth, firm wet lips down your shaft and gently rock-rub your tip on the back of my white throat. After a while, you'll stand me up with my back to you and slowly ease my knickers down to my knees. You'll bend me forward and lick my wet cunt from behind. Next, with gentle hands on my hips, you'll guide my small pretty bottom towards your lap. You'll slowly but insistenly pull my wet cunt onto your cock, disregarding my hesitant resistance. You'll firmly grasp my breasts and begin to push into me purpousfully and firmly. You'll feel my cunt tighten onto your cock as you thrust in harder, my helpless sighs and gasps really begining to excite you...
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wet4u is white, 23 years old and lives in Windsor, CT.

She is married and is 5 foot 6 inches tall with brunette hair and brown eyes and an average figure.