bustybustyabs, looking for a hookup in Byers, CO

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This girl is is need of a f**k. I ve had one or two accounts here before and somehow they have not clearly got the message across. I think I was too shy or embarrased to really say what I meant. So this time I want to make it clear. Nothing wierd or extreme though. Im only really interested in youngish guys who are presentable and clean and healthy. I definately dont want hassle from wives or girlfriends. But other than that everything is open for discussion. If you have the same basic needs as me and you fit my not too demanding criteria, try your luck and get in touch. Maybe we can meet for a drink, or chat online. Things might very quickly develop from there.
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bustybustyabs is white, 26 years old and lives in Byers, CO.

She is single and is 5 foot 10 inches tall with blonde hair and brown eyes and an average figure.