sarcybitch, looking for a hookup in Alford, FL

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Im looking for someone who knows what they want. Im not necessarily looking for a relationship, certainly not one of the conventional kind! A friend with benefits if you will! Someone I can laugh with but have a purely sexual relationship with, someone who can laugh at themselves and enjoys life, and yet loves sex and everything sexual, someone I can go drinking with, and then not have that awkward bit where your not quite sure of the others intentions, because you both know that you will end up in bed together. Well Im 22 (but not a normal 22yr old) Im fairly tall (5ft8) very sarcastic (dont take it personally) blonde hair, blue eyes, and can fully say I gave an amazing sense of humour (thats amazing not good) So if your not crazy, dont work hard to play hard, and can write in English rather than text speak than get back to me.Oh yeah, Im pretty open minded but how so is up to you to judge
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sarcybitch is white, 22 years old and lives in Alford, FL.

She is single and is 5 foot 4 inches tall with blonde hair and blue eyes and an average figure.