looking4safefun, looking for a hookup in Wilton, CT

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i really shouldn't be on here looking but i guess i can't help myself and anyway, i aint getting it at home so whats a woman to do! that said, i have to point out that whatever i do has to be safe and secure with no chance of getting caught as i have too much to lose. so if you are happy with no strings and one offs then get back to me and lets have some fun!f you don't want to chat and get to know me, please don't add me as a friend or accept my invite. I send messages to friends and never hear back, so I will start to delete these people since they are obviously not friends.
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looking4safefun is white, 49 years old and lives in Wilton, CT.

She is married and is 5 foot 6 inches tall with blonde hair and brown eyes and a slim petite figure.